Hen Parties: Guest Blog from Natalie at Boudoir Girls

Continuing our guest blog season, this week we meet Natalie Greer from Boudoir Girls, a boutique hen party company specialising in glamorous themed photoshoots. Natalie gives us her top tips for organising hen parties!

5 Tips for Bridesmaids Planning a Hen Party

I see it every week…the highs the lows and the stress that can come with being  the chief bridesmaid organizing a hen. It’s no mean feat and I have walked in those shoes myself so I know how it feels! However it is also one of the best weekends you may ever have so it will all be worth it ladies. Hang in there! Here’s a few tips to get you started on the journey:

Book in advance

“Duh!”, I hear you say… well  this is the most common mistake I see as girls are scrambling last minute to get activities and hotels booked. As hens are so popular now, hotels and hen activity companies are booked well in advance so it pays to get on it early and just get a deposit in so you are not left with a less desirable hotel/hen party activity or added costs and stress.

Hen party planning ireland boudoir girls themed photoshoot


Another no brainer but we forget that not everyone has the same budget – some girls love the thoughts of sipping on ‘cristal’ champagne after a spa day but this may not be in everyone’s budget realistically.  You have to cost in the hotel, travel to location, food, drinks, activities and shopping of course so choose wisely. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount for larger groups as many companies and hotels do this.


As there are so many details involved in planning a hen party, it’s ok to ask for a little help! Why not get a reliable friend to help make a playlist, get the moms to organize the photos of the hen and her hubby from ‘back in the day’. Make a checklist and then proceed to give a few jobs to the ‘reliable friend’!

Hen party planning ireland boudoir girls themed photoshoot


Leading on from my last point, I have seen a lot of hen parties over the last few years and I have to say sometimes I am so moved by how much detail the girls go to for their friends. From custom cupcakes, photo boards/posters with hilarious pictures of her teens  and childhood moments, her favourite ‘dress up’ theme, her favourite movie or music playlist…  so much can be done to go the extra mile and it certainly makes her feel ultra special! It’s the little things that count.

Hen party planning ireland boudoir girls themed photoshoot

Choose wisely

It should go without saying that dragging a bride-to-be to a strip club when she would prefer a vintage tea party is dangerous territory.. you need to feel out the group of ladies and choose an activity or two based on what the hen is interested in. Does she like baking, or is she a badass with a love for car racing? If the moms are coming, spare a thought for them or make sure they are cosied up in the hotel while you pursue any wild endeavours (unless they are well on for it!) There are plenty of activities including our own photoshoots that will cater for ladies of all ages and sizes.

Hen party planning ireland boudoir girls themed photoshoot

Finally, a checklist of important items to bring: Hairpins, makeup, wipes, safety pins, ear plugs, hairspray (sets hair and even makeup on occasion! ) sudocream ( fixes everything!), travel iron, google maps, credit card and of course headache tablets or motilium for the morning after!  Last but not least pack a good sense of humour! It’s a fun weekend after all!

Thank you so much to Natalie at Boudoir Girls for contributing such invaluable advice – make sure to check out their website for booking information, and on Facebook and Pinterest for inspiration!

All images courtesy of Boudoir Girls


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