Quirky Groom Looks – Little Monster Bow Ties

In my second post celebrating all things groom, I’m looking at a great new handmade product. Little Monster Bow Ties are a fantastic range hand created by Dublin-based Darragh Collopy. Darragh was kind enough to send me a custom-made red bow tie with navy detail, which arrived complete with hand drawn and painted monster and packaged in my favourite, brown parcel paper! Darragh then told me a little bit about how Little Monster Bow Ties came about.

Little Monster Bow Ties

How did you come up with the idea for Little Monster Bow Ties?

I wanted a bow tie that would match my brown shoes for my graduation, and the closest thing that I could think of was wood. After studying product design for 4 years this gave me the ability to look at things differently and I wanted something I had designed myself for my graduation ball.
The idea of the Little Monsters came from my initial packaging when I saw monstrous eyes from the shape of the bow ties. Each bowtie has a specific monster that wears the bow tie. I named them Jonc, Slyv and Ogle as I thought the names suited the characters I had created.

When did you first start selling the product?

I have only started selling the bowties since the end of September after my graduation. A lot of people told me that they loved my bow tie and I should start selling them. The wise words of my secondary school PE teacher came to mind ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’ . So I went for it.

Little Monster Bow Ties quirky looks for grooms menswear accesories

How long does each one take to create?

From start to finish for the bowtie takes about 4 hours, which doesn’t include the coats drying in between. The packaging takes another hour as this is all hand drawn and cut out by hand.

Can people order custom made bow ties to suit their outfits?

The whole idea is that each bow tie is custom made to order, so they are as personal as possible, ensuring each Little Monster has its own personality, just like you.

How can people get in contact with you?
Facebook is the best way for communication or conversation about the product and what the costumer wants and how to customise it to their needs; it is easy to send me photos of their outfit and we can collaborate on colour schemes etc. From here I can accept paypal or else if they want to pay by card I direct them to my etsy store.


The etsy store also allows conversation and I really encourage customers to get involved and not be shy so that they can have as much say as possible.


Customer reviews:
“Stylish, handmade, personalised! Love my new bow tie from Little Monster Bow Ties! Delivered promptly! Get yourself one! It is awesome!”

“Thank you Little Monster Bow Ties. It is awesome, prompt delivery! Loved the box and simply adore the bow tie! Suits all occasions and it is a real game changer.”

Darragh, thanks so much for the fantastic bow tie, and I’d like to wish you and your new business venture all the very best for the future!


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