Super Steampunk Wedding Ideas

What is steampunk I hear you say? Essentially, it’s science fiction from the Victorian or the ‘Wild West’ era of the late 19th/early 20th century. And what has that got to do with weddings? Surprisingly, this very unique style is growing in popularity in the USA, and creeping it’s way over to Europe! Think clockworks, cogs, monacles, goggles, gears – think industrial and a little bit rock n’roll. Best described visually, here is some inspiration for a truly unique wedding trend. Warning: if you want your wedding to be full of pretty pastels and soft blooms, look away now!

Steampunk Wedding Style

Steampunk Wedding Stationery

Steampunk Wedding Cakes

Steampunk Wedding Decor

Steampunk Wedding Flowers & Centrepieces

All images from Pinterest



  1. I have seen this theme pop up a lot lately! Can’t wait until I have a bride who wants to do a Steampunk wedding!

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