First Dance Woes

Where to begin? What song? Swaying slowly with your arms around each other? Or being thrown up into the air a lá dirty dancing? The first dance has been around for aeons, and now each wedding is trying to outdo the last with a choreographed ensemble. But is it for you? Or is this first dance fad about to fade? How can you be different without putting your back out?

The tradition began as a way to ‘open’ the dancefloor for guests, and commonly involved the couple performing a waltz. With the decline of ballroom dancing, more and more couples are attending dance instructors for lessons before they hit the floor at their wedding. In recent years, a choreographed performance has become the norm with couples often surprising their guests by breaking from a slow shuffle into a fast-paced, bells and whistles duet, with many going viral on the net afterwards.

But have you had it with ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ from Dirty Dancing? Bored with breakdancing? Remember, you don’t have to make a performance! Often, the song you choose for your first dance will be really special to you as a couple, and is not necessarily appropriate to convert into a dance routine. If you’re getting up at 7am to get ready for your wedding and you’re not going to be performing this thing until 10pm, that is 15 hours of worrying and feeling nervous if one or both of you is not 100% confident about it. I would whole-heartedly recommend going for dance lessons if you’re not feeling super confident about the whole event, but this could be to teach you the waltz, the foxtrot, the boxstep, swing, anything! It doesn’t need to be flashy to be beautiful.

I must say though, this ceremony entrance to ‘Forever’ is my guilty pleasure!



  1. Thank you for sharing the back story on why there is even a “first dance”. When it comes down to it, the first dance should reflect your personal style, I’ve even been to some weddings where there wasn’t even a “first dance”

  2. I would also say a great post by author good subject you try to look while wedding which call dance and if it is first dance then how is important we all should try to know that if we are not comfortable then we do not dance because bad and funny expression make laugh on us by others that why we all try to make our personality good

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