Save yourself some trouble

Save the Date cards or announcements have officially made their way across the pond and are extremely popular now. But why go to the bother of this when you will already be spending money on so much other stationery?

Consider this: you might have guests travelling from abroad that need to book flights well in advance; guests with children who need to organise childminding; guests who need a significant amount of time to book the date off work especially if it’s during a busy time i.e. a teacher probably won’t have trouble taking time off in July, but someone who works in a hotel or restaurant will. So making an announcement for your guests to mark their calendars is often now a necessity. You can do this very cheaply by sending an email or e-card with the announcement; send cute postcards from the area you’re getting married in as a teaser for the day itself; DIY save-the-dates (see below) or if you have the budget, have them professionally made. Tie them in with your theme or colour scheme so that it carries forward right from the beginning – it will really get people excited for the big day!

See for more cute save-the-date ideas.



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